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Notes from generic forums on red zone projects, with the most recent at the top.

Mini-Conference, March 2014 

A five hour forum for members of multi-agency project teams working on proposals for the Avon River Residential Red Zone (RRZ) and related lands to provide for:

  • Information sharing with regard to the current status of project plans: to ensure optimum communication and sharing of information within and between project teams
  • Briefing on hydrology, drainage, sea level rise and flood risk, etc of the lower Avon – especially with regard to the implications, options, and solutions for the various RRZ projects: to ensure projects are progressed on the basis of a realistic understanding of the underlying hydrological constraints
  • Exploration of and agreement on collaborative governance model(s) for multi-agency project teams working on RRZ projects: to ensure optimum collaboration and integration with regard to multi-agency project planning, resourcing, process, management, and implementation

You can read the notes from the Mini-Conference here.

Projects Forum, March 2013

There are many project proposals from communities, science and other interests for the Avon River RRZ – these include temporary, transitional, experimental, monitoring, medium and long-term project proposals.

This forum was an opportunity for each of these project proposals to be outlined, promoted, supported and integrated.  

You can read summaries of each of the 25 presentations here.