White Water Kayak & Rafting Course


·  The course is in the shape of a massive 'U', 320 metres in length, between 0.8 and 1.2 metres deep and between 8 and 12 metres wide. The overall drop from top to bottom is about 5 metres.

·  Large immovable rocks shape the course, as well as movable obstacles which may be used for varying the difficulty of the course and for fine-tuning the rapids.

·  The course can be configured for olympic-level canoe/kayak slalom or reconfigured for recreational large rubber raft rides. 


·  Water needs to be of sufficient quality for contact recreation.

·   Located close to a flatwater sport facility could share facilities with court sports (eg squash, badminton), cafe, etc .

·  Can generate income from recreational raft rides – business case will be required to ensure financial viability.

·  The massive pumps in the whitewater course could shift and lift twice the flow of the Avon River if desired, in combination with the substantial storage of a flatwater lake this could have a significant role in flood resilience for the city.

·  A potential training resource for white water river crossing,and swiftwater rescue.

·  The number of participants in kayaking in Christchurch is estimated at 8-9% of the population over 16 years of age. This is around 30,000 people who kayak more than once a year.

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