Wave Garden

• Wave Garden is a man-made lake with a piston-generated wave that creates ideal conditions for surfing, as well as a broadly appealing range of other wave sports such as body boarding, kayaking, and stand up paddling - the closest thing to an ocean break.
• Perfect waves of all sizes (standard size between 1.2-1.9 m), lengths (standard length around 18 second surfing ride duration), shapes and speeds are consistently generated in a safe, natural environment.
• Fun and challenging wave for all surfers, from grommets (beginners both young and old) to professional surfers.
• Orientation ensures the surf is running when winds prevent good surfing on the beach.
• Water quality needs to be consistently good: there is potential to use sea water piped from the ocean and returned there.
• Can be combined with other facilities like a skate park, café.
• Pay to enter – option to package entry with other aquatic amenities in the area.
• Complements New Brighton as an aquatic playground destination.
• Can be used as a storm surge flood retention basin – taking overspill from the Avon River at Owles Terrace.
• If using saltwater, care required so that this does not contaminate the river water.