Flatwater Sports Lake

International Rowing Length: 2.2km


Training Length: 1.2km


Flat water sports lake suitable for international competition for rowing, kayaking, dragon boating, waka ama.

Straight, 2.2km long (international rowing) or 1.2km long (all other competition and training needs), 180-250m wide, 4m deep, 1-in-7 slope along the shorelines, preferably angled into prevailing N/NE wind.

With adjacent 'return' lake alongside, that is connected to the main lake at the ends and at 2-3 points in between (this lake can be contoured).


· Must be off-river: must not interfere with natural flow or course of the river. NB: to fit in as 2.2km it may be necessary to return the course of the river around the Porritt Park loop and block off Kerrs Reach.  Some Green zone properties may also need to be purchased.

· Water quality must be good.

· Should be designed to assist in reducing the risk of flooding to surrounding communities by, for example, acting as a potential flood water retention basin - to achieve this with maximum flexibility, the connections between the main lake and the return lake should be gated to create two separate lakes.

· Water level may be different to river, may be flanked by stop banks to protect against tidal flooding.

· Any measures to reduce the effects of the prevailing N/NE wind eg sheltering by trees, stopbanks, etc must be used evenly across course so that no lane or sector is disadvantaged.

· International length lake may need bridging smaller length will need some redirecting of New Brighton Road