Flatwater Sports Lake

International Rowing Length: 2.2km

Promoted by East Lake Trust: Flat water sports lake suitable for international competition for rowing, kayaking, dragon boating, waka ama.

Straight, 2.2km long (international rowing) at least 180 wide, 4m deep, 1-in-7 slope along the shorelines. Fresh water sourced from aquifer ground water.

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Depicted below and also supported by AvON subject to feasibility, is an alternative cheaper option for such a lake that is in-river and uses absolute minimum dimensions. 

There are now national standards for water quality and CCC is under increasing pressure to improve this in urban rivers, so there is now less reason to go off-river. The location is also less intrusive on infrastructure such as New Brighton Road.  

Edge treatments to minimise wash reflection using native riparian planting can replace the need for wide 1:7 bank slopes while also detering Canada Geese.

New Lake in River2.jpg