New Wetlands for Water Management


·  A network of new wetlands and basins in the Avon River red zone lands

·  To intercept and purify stormwater before it is discharged to the rivers or ground, and

·  To detain and divert flood waters to avoid flooding of neighbouring residential areas.


·  Wetlands are the kidneys of the city, filtering out sediments and contaminants before water is discharged to rivers or soaks into the ground.

·  Wetlands and detention basins can receive large volumes of flood waters and help prevent the overloading of drainage systems during high rainfall events, storm surges, etc.

·  Wetlands should be located where stormwater pipes currently run to outlets into the rivers so they can intercept the flows.

·  Almost all of the Avon River Red Zone lands are located within the CCC Flood Management Area.

·  Allowing land to return to wetland does not increase the existing risk of liquefaction or create any new risk of liquefaction, of adjoining lands.