Community Food Growing Network



·  A network of community gardens, allotments, orchards, forage trails, nurseries, etc throughout the east located on the fringes of the red zone near local communities and schools.

·  Complementing existing community gardens and nurseries.


·  Some ex-red zone residents, residents in new medium-density homes without gardens and migrants with a tradition of food growing want access to allotments.

·  Some existing fruit trees from red zone gardens can be retained.

·  Many red zone soils are fertile and have been used for gardens and market gardens in the past.

·  Community gardens and food production have diverse benefits including improvements in levels of food education, nutrition, mental health, community cohesiveness, knowledge about waste reduction, financial savings, community food resilience and a range of environmental and ecological health benefits.

·  Aligns and integrates well with Ngai Tahu aspirations for restoration of mahinga kai.

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