Christchurch CablePark

- A watersport facility that enables wakeboarding and waterskiing without the need for a motor-driven boat, through the use of an overheard cable system, which tows riders at an adjustable speed over a body of water. 
- The cable is driven by an environmentally friendly electric motor which runs relatively silently. 
- Uses Christchurch CablePark’s own innovative, New Zealand-made, Two-Tower cable system, which tows riders through common cable park obstacles, including 'kickers' and 'sliders'. 
- The cable system is designed to cater to both beginners and advanced riders. Cable systems, such as the Two-Tower system, present a much flatter learning curve for beginners, as compared to the traditional 'pulled behind a boat' method.
- There are over 140 cable parks all over the world. Of these, over 100 are in Europe and Africa (60 in Germany alone), and many others in Asia and Australia. New Zealand has been one of the last countries to adopt this leisure activity - to date, only a proto-type system in Ashburton and another small-scale park north of Auckland, have opened. 
- A number of accidents involving boats and skiers in recent years highlight the need for a safer option. Cable Park systems have a good safety record and are managed by trained staff at all times during operation. 
- The Christchurch CablePark will open up the sport to many who currently do not have the opportunity to ride due to lack of access to costly boats and equipment and will provide an exciting, new experience to riders of all levels.
- Currently, many experienced wakeboard and waterski enthusiasts from New Zealand travel overseas to ride cable systems for several months of the year, in order to practice their sport. 
- Complementary to other water sports facilities.
- Must be on a flat water lake with good water quality without a current or very little current.
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