Camellia and Rhododendron Grove

• A mass grove of camellias and rhododendrons along Avonside Drive between Linwood Ave and Stanmore Road.
• Transplanted from where they are scattered individually throughout the Avonside and Richmond red zone.
• Creates visual impact and colour on a busy commuter route. As they all bloom together during late winter/early spring, it adds colour to everyone’s day as they travel to and from work.
• Commemorates the residents who chose and planted them, in a place that everyone can enjoy, from the roadside.
• Established camellias and rhododendrons are among the easier plants to move, and most healthy plants will survive, but there will be some losses.
• CERA needs to retain the red zone camellias and rhododendrons so they can be transplanted.
• Soil conditions need to support the transplanted plants.
• Costs of transplanting.
• Avoids any perceived conflict between keeping these plants and regeneration of native plants.