Barkerton Park


·  A dog and dog owner training facility, including provision for research, international and national canine activities, such as conventions, seminars, policy education, competition and exemplar training and related services back to the community.

·  Includes The Museum of the Dog – a celebration of all things canine including the role of the dog in the heritage of NZ : a country ‘built on the back of the dog’.

·  A locus and hub for dog trail activities throughout the city-to-sea river park.

·  A private/public partnership.


·  Christchurch has twice as many dogs per household as Auckland and three times more than Wellington.

·  Research has established that dogs can help improve quality of life: they can reduce stress, improve health and provide much-needed companionship. Dogs also encourage people to enjoy the outdoors, stimulate conversations between strangers and improve our feelings of safety.

·  Services could include initiatives such as “DoggonSafe”, a youth-targeted bite prevention program delivered through schools.

·  Complements dog parks in Horseshoe Lake, Bexley Reserve, Rawhiti Domain

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