Interim Uses

As long term future uses of the red zone lands and re-location of stopbanks are unlikely to be finalised for several years and now that the lands have largely been vacated and cleared, we are advocating strongly for the Crown to allow free access for interim uses .

Proposals for interim uses have the following objectives:

  • To ensure nothing undertaken compromises environmental values or long-term future uses;
  • To focus on highly visible sites alongside main thoroughfares ie roads and trails (for maximum impact and security and safety);
  • To include sites along the full extent of the Ōtākaro red zone;
  • To exemplify a diverse range of possible uses that meet community needs and reflect the proposals for long term use already put forward by communities;
  • To re-engage people with the Ōtākaro red zone and river, and so enable greater activation of informed community engagement in decisions regarding long term future use of the lands;
  • To restore interim amenity value and public presence within the Ōtākaro river corridor until such time as long term uses of the lands have been agreed and implemented; and
  • To immediately enhance the wellbeing of the most impacted communities and contribute positively to the social recovery of the eastern flatland suburbs. 

We have therefore submitted a package of proposals for interim uses to CERA/LINZ for consideration.

You can also view the location of these proposals on our interactive map.