Options for Flat Water Sports Provision

Avon-Ōtākaro Network has always supported the exploration of all options for maximum possible provision for flat water sports in the Ōtākaro Avon River Corridor, that integrate with long term restoration of the river while minimising opportunity, cultural, social, environmental and economic costs. 

We initially did a lot of preliminary work exploring a 2,2km off-river lake in Dallington.  This concept has now been developed much further by East Lake Trust.

However because this option blocks off New Brighton Road and prevents the use of large tracts of red zone land in Horseshoe Lake for stormwater remediation from a significant catchment, we researched other options. 

Here are four options for flat water provision that we have explored (click on the graphics for more information on each).  There are significant advantages and disadvantages with all of them.  Assessment of the options in terms of feasibility, costs and meeting regeneration objectives is the role of Regenerate Christchurch.

Off River Lake - East Lake TrustIn-River.jpg

                       2.2km Lake Off-River (East Lake Trust)                                          2km Course In-River + Renaturalised Margins

New Lake in River5 1km 2.jpgCompositeSmall.jpg

                                             1.2km Lake Off-River                                                                  1km Course In-River + Widened Kerrs Reach