New Brighton Campervan Park & Dallington Recreation Camp

• Two distinct accommodation camps meeting different needs.
• New Brighton Campervan Park located in central Brighton: a top class, secure and fully provisioned facility for kiwis & tourists to holiday in Christchurch at a reasonable cost that is particularly welcoming to camper van and motor home holidayers. Facilities to include water, power, wifi, waste disposal dump stations, rubbish bins, showers, toilets, safe lighting.
• Dallington Recreation Camp: including camping site to pitch tents, camper van sites and cabin accommodation with shared kitchen, shower and toilet facilities. May also include some self-contained family units. Suitable for school, sports and family groups who want to holiday, learn, play or train close to water recreation amenities in a natural environment in the midst of a city.
• New Brighton Campervan Park: Encourage tourists to visit New Brighton, support local business, have a safe place to park overnight and enjoy the beauty of the natural assets along the coast and river.
• Dallington Recreation Camp: Flood risk, land stability, road access.
• Both or either could be private commercial enterprises, public/private partnerships or social enterprises that return profits to local communities through investment in asset enhancement/community development.