Our Current Strategy

Our key work streams for 2017 are:
Vision Development 
  • To DEVELOP a coherent integrated AvON Vision using an inclusive community-based approach that addresses feasibility, identifies further opportunities for adding value to the community, and increases the specificity of the Vision to enable its implementation; and
  • To DEVELOP sub-component projects consistent with the Vision where AvON has chosen to lead or co-lead those projects.

Stakeholder Engagement and Outward Communications


  • To ENGAGE with stakeholders to identify opportunities for implementation of the AvON Vision, gather feedback to guide Vision development; and
  • To COMMUNICATE the activities of AvON to the wider community to socialise and build support for the Vision, and attract new contributions.

Ecological Restoration Options Research Project


  • To PRODUCE a research report commissioned by AvON in collaboration with Avon-Ōtākaro Forest Park, and Greening the Red Zone, that specifies outcome and implementation strategy options for a sustainable ecological corridor in the RRZ and advocates for cost-effectiveness assessment methodologies.

Mahinga Kai Exemplar (MKE) Project


  • To PROGRESS AND DEVELOP the MKE as an innovative restoration project that contributes to implementation of the AvON vision.
  • To COLLABORATE at an operational level with partner organisations and the wider community to exemplify an inclusive style of working that is consistent with, and helps implement, the AvON vision

Transitonal River Trail Project 


  • To LEAD the creation of a hard-track walking and cycling pathway that’s accessible to all and engages all in its creation
  • To CREATE an inspiration and exemplar for other regeneration work

Organisational support of work streams 


  • To ENSURE a clear scope of work with a defined work plan
  • To REPORT BACK to SSG on implementation of work plan and any need to discuss changes to scope and plan

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